Dr. Lovkesh Anand

  • Consultant - Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Sciences, Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka

  • MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM

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Dr. Lovkesh Anand is a dynamic and proficient Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist. He has a vast experience in treating liver diseases, pancreatico-biliary diseases as well as gastric problems. He is well versed with various endoscopic procedures as well as management of critically ill gastroenterology patients. He has been an integral part of more than 400 liver transplants. He has been a teaching faculty for postgraduate students and had delivered lectures at various platforms. He has also presented his pioneer work in various international forums and conferences. He has many publications in leading journals including chapters. He works with the motto to achieve perfection in his work through the process of constant learning, smart work, innovative research & vision combined with patient caring contributing best to his field. It is his dedication towards his patients and his commitment towards his chosen field of work that has helped him make a special place in heart of Gastroenterology and liver disease patients.


Field of Expertise


  • Management of gastroenterology, pancreas, biliary tract and liver related problems


  • Intensive care management of liver failure, management of acute GI bleeds, hepatic coma, liver cancer


  • Endoscopic procedures - diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic and colonoscopic procedures (EVL, Glue, APC, EST), NJ tube placement, side viewing endoscopy, ERCP


  • Endoscopic management of Obesity


  • Hepatic Hemodynamics, Percutaneous and Transjugular Liver Biopsies


  • Transplant Hepatology


  • Liver Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy


Awards and Recognition


  • Gold medal in Preventive and Cocial Medicine


  • Awarded cash prize for securing second highest marks in Medicine in University


  • TraveI Bursary and Membership award at European Association for Study of Liver(EASL) at Barcelona, 2016




  • Observorship in Translational Hepatology at Virginia Commonwealth University,Virginia, USA:2014


  • Observorship in Liver Regeneration and Transplant at MRM Centre for Regenerative medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK, 2016




  • Senior Resident(Medicine), various Delhi Govt. Hospitals, 2009—2012


  • Senior Resident (Hepatology) at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi, 2012—2015


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Hepatology, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi, Oct 2015 - March 2018


  • Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram, April 2018 — May 2019


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