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Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the
prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease,
illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.

Healthcare is delivered by health professionals and allied health fields.
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About US


NTP Healthcare helps you choose the best hospital, best doctors, the best treatment plan at an affordable cost. Our company goal is to have happy and satisfied clients through our Medical Tourism and Concierge Services offered in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad.

NTP Healthcare is one of the most reputed medical tourism companies in India, based at Delhi. We have founders with over three decades of consolidated experience in the field of health care and hospitality. But all said and done, it is indeed difficult for any foreign patient to identify the best online doctor appointment in his given price budget. NTP Healthcare plays an instrumental role in this scenario pre during and post treatment . With over 35 + years experience of its founders in this service field, we are committed to provide you with a happy medical service for its patients and attendants.

Our Mission: Our Mission is to help the world regain health on an Indian platform through our medicate assistance and concierge services

Our Vision: Our Vision is to become the most trusted medical tourism and concierge company in India, where clients from our own land i.e., Domestic and all over the world clients can come for world class and affordable medical treatment in India.

NTP Healthcare

NTP Healthcare has rapidly and efficiently attained world standards in the field of Medical Treatment due to its Health Transformation Program of the last decade.

Post-treatment follow-up is one of the most important parts of treatment. We take full care through real-time video consultation between you and your doctor in India to chart your progress of recovery through our NTP Healthcare Concierge Service team.

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Talk/ whats's app /email to our team for the free consultation
Take Full Understanding of the Overall Cost of surgery
Understand the success ratio and recovery process
Insurance-related questions–coverage, room type(International & Domestic Patients)

Additional Benefits with us :
Hospital room Upradation expenses if any
We ensure in India Pick up and Drop pre & post surgery
After Return Follow up consultations & Much more


Hemant K Sharma

Founder & Director

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Our Treatment

The NTP Healthcare & Medical Services offers live, Real-time video counseling with our Doctor via WhatsApp, google meet, or Skype. Our doctor will give more information to the patient concerning disease and treatment.

Why choose us & Patient experience

NTP Healthcare & Medical Services function as a Healthcare Boutique that support the world best of Healthcare services

NTP Healthcare & Medical Services has its Headquarter in Delhi, India having administrative and operational command here in Delhi (India), with its global outreach having integrated best of healthcare services and products providing customized solutions it has select best hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, Wellness & AYUSH Packages, ambulatory & robotic surgery centers, clinical laboratories with lead doctors, paramedics & now Telemedicine and Second opinion Service to serve the patients across the globe, Patients medicare and those seeking allied care therapies get home care medico staff paramedic companions and domiciliary caretakers are organized by NTP Healthcare & Medical Services Private Limited

Welcome to our Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is a part of medicine that studies the function and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GI). Gastroenterologists can treat any type of disease relating to the GI tract, from irritable bowel syndrome to hepatitis C.

Doctors specialized in treating the diseases of the GI tract are called gastroenterologists. They use endoscopic procedures to diagnose a patient. However, you shouldn’t confuse them with surgeons. Gastroenterologists don’t perform any surgery but sometimes work closely with a gastroenterology surgeon. Gastroenterologists treat all the GI system except the mouth. In these cases, dentists usually treat oral diseases.

Welcome to our Cancer Treatment

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located at the base in the front part of the neck. It produces hormones which regulates metabolism, growth and development of the body. Thyroid cancer develops when the cells in the thyroid glands begin to grow and divide uncontrollably.

An extensive variety of aesthetic procedures is available for different parts of the body. It is advisable to undergo extensive counselling before undergoing any of those.

Welcome to our Cardiology

The abnormal or insignificant growth of the heart or its vessels, it is referred to as cardiac tumour. There are different types of cardiac tumour.

When the tumor starts forming in the heart and stays there, it is called primary tumour. The other one is a secondary tumour. Here, the tumor forms in other part of the body, but gradually moves to the heart. Most of the cardiac tumors are not harmful, but the size of the tumor and its location can cause problems.

Welcome to our Renal care/ Urology

The Urology and Andrology division focusses on providing world-class medical interventions to the patients who cannot be treated just by medication or lifestyle corrections.

The Urologists use surgical or invasive interventions to alleviate the problems pertaining to anatomical or structural disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract.Our world-class technology aids our doctors in performing the treatment with precision and accuracy. Further, the two teams – Urologists and Nephrologists come together, delivering a full range of diagnostic and disease management services, which is affordable to all, and make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the process of treatment, and even after it

Welcome to our Neurology

A tumor is an outgrowth of muscle and tissue occurring at any place in the body. When this outgrowth is seen to be developing in the brain, it is known as a brain tumor. The brain tumor, like all other tumors, can be of two types

Our spine is our backbone. It runs straight down our back. Every person’s spine naturally curves a bit. But, people who suffer from scoliosis have an abnormal curving of the spine. They have C or S-shaped curve in their spine.

Welcome to our Corporate Health Checkup Packages

A healthy employee equals a flourishing business. When the workforce is hale and hearty, productivity behind the desk increases many fold.

Today, organizations and corporates are emphasizing enormously upon their employee's health. Corporate health checkups are a mandate with every company, be it small or big.
In the competitive corporate world, employees go through rigorous work routine, have to meet deadlines, eat junk and fast food regularly, keep sitting at their work stations for long hours, sleep less and remain under stress of work pressure most of the times. All this is bound to take a toll on their health.

Welcome to our Bariatric

Gastric bypass is the gold standard procedure for weight loss. This procedure involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting it directly to the small intestine. Therefore, food does enter in some parts of the digestive system. As a result, the body will not get many calories from the food you eat.

Gastric bypass is performed to help a person lose weight and prevent his/her risk of developing severe weight-related health problems, such as:

Welcome to our Pediatric

Paediatrics or Paediatric care is associated with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. Paediatric Care requires a great deal of expertise, compassion, and care.

It requires a multi-disciplinary processing and vast experience. The multi-disciplinary team usually comprise of paediatric critical care specialists, cardiologists, specialists from gastroenterology, pulmonary medicine, neurosurgery, and neurology. The team should be specially trained to attend to the specific needs of infants and children.

Welcome to our Robotic

Robotic Surgery or Surgical robots have had clinical use since the mid 1990s. Robot-assisted surgeries offer many benefits over the conventional approach including lower risk of infection and blood loss, shorter recovery, and an overall safer procedure for patients.

The past few decades have shown many emerging surgical robotic platforms that can work in complex and confined channels of the internal human organs and improve the cognitive and physical skills of the surgeons during the operation. Advanced technologies for sensing, actuation, and intelligent control have enabled multiple surgical devices to simultaneously operate within the human body at low cost and with more efficiency. Despite advances, current surgical intervention systems are not able to execute autonomous tasks and make cognitive decisions that are analogous to that of humans.

Welcome to our Insurance

Check with the Department of International Patients Services if your insurance provider is recognized by our hospital for insurance covered treatment.

Check with the Department of International Patients Services if your insurance provider is recognized by our hospital for insurance covered treatment.

Welcome to our Wellness

The Journey of Healthcare is not only linked & associated with the Hospitals but also with the balanced diet, wellness , Ayurveda and other ways as promoted under AYUSH Bharat with the combination of Vedic sciences in order to ensure overall Human System Management.

Ayurveda promotes health,holistic & Spirituality based upon peaceful living & wisdom of the ancient sciences. It has combination of detoxification treatments and massage treatments along with specific diet regimes and lifestyle patterns. It focuses upon re-balancing of body, mind & soul that confirm systematic and thrilling experience i.e., righteous way of living.

Welcome to our Medical Equipment

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery is performed by ENT Surgeon to treat tumours in the head and neck, while working closely along medical and radiation oncologists.

Neck Dissection: Removal of lymph nodes and surrounding tissue from the neck is done for treating cancer. Selective, Modified and Radical extents are three defined scopes of extent

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Note : NTP Healthcare & Medical Services does not provide diagnosis, medical advice or treatment. The services and information shared on NTP Healthcare & Medical Services Private Limited are showcased as information only & cannot supersede the Proficient & Qualified consultation or treatment by a doctor.

Our Medical Treatment

NTP Healthcare, we strive to give you the best possible Medical Treatment Facilitation

Before and after Procedures

See before and after pictures from NTP Healthcare & Medical Services of popular cosmetic & hair treatment procedure procedures, including liposuction, tummy tuck, breast implants, rhinoplasty, neck lift, and much more ...

What People Say?

PATIENTS Talk about the quality of Medical Services & Follow up healthcare & Hospitality in India.
Treatment in India for Medical conditions

Brain Tumor Surgery

I am highly grateful to the whole NTP Healthcare & Medical Services team and Dr Singh at Manipal Hospital specifically for saving my life. The doctors in my home country Nigeria had clearly stated that if I do not get operated for brain tumour at the earliest, I would not live more than a month. But the promptness with which NTP Healthcare & Medical Services team arranged things for me was something extraordinary. I am extremely satisfied with the whole experience and completely relieved of all my symptoms.
Thanks a lot , God Bless & All good wishes from Richard family
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Just Answer the Questions?

What Is Medical Tourism?
Medical tourism can be defined as the arrangement of a journey abroad for medical reasons. These might include undergoing a medical procedure in another country, or restoring/maintaining health in any other way. A main reason many people choose to engage in medical tourism is the lower cost or higher quality of medical treatments that are available in the country of their choice.Typical medical tourism visits include a treatment, recovery time, and the option of an extended vacation & After patient return there regular coordination with the doctor .
Is Medical Tourism For Me?
There are many ways to answer this question, but if you are looking for surgical, dental, cosmetic, fertility, or any other type of medical treatment, medical tourism can be an option that allows you to receive quality care at a low cost, while avoiding waiting times and getting the opportunity to relax and recuperate in a pleasant atmosphere, along with the experience of a new country. If this sounds appealing, then medical tourism is probably for you!
Why People Have Seeking Medical Treatment Abroad?
There are many factors that draw people to receive treatment in another country. These can include the high quality of available care, the low cost of treatment, shortened waiting times, holistic care, and the chance to have a relaxing holiday in a foreign country. The combination of any of these factors might provide enough of an incentive to engage in medical tourism.
What About The Tourism Part?
The good news is that Medical Tourism India makes every effort to take care of all the organising so you can concentrate on your procedure and the restorative holiday that follows. We strive to help you by taking as much of the stress out of the process as possible, leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself. As part of this effort, we are able to organise all the parts of the journey that make for an exiting holiday. These can include tours, safari trips, a relaxing stay at a spa or resort, or whatever activities or attractions you may prefer – India has a wide variety to choose from!
Why India?
There are any number of reasons to choose India as a medical tourism destination, from the quality of the medical services to the highly affordable treatments, as well as the diverse natural beauty and endless options for a relaxing holiday in a new country, and the opportunity to recuperate away from family and friends & most important almost everybody is conversant in English and ensure Service as priority motive.
Why Medical Tourism India?
Medical Tourism India specialises in organising and facilitating the most cost-effective and satisfactory medical holiday to Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, ensuring that your stress in minimised and that the journey and procedure are as smooth and painless as possible. By utilising our years of experience in the travel and hospitality industries, as well as our extensive network of professional contacts, we are able to source the best deals to suit your needs at the lowest possible prices. This leaves you free to enjoy your visit and leave refreshed and rejuvenated. Indian Treatments are now combined with AYUSH Bharat programs with the combination of yoga exercises and massages (physio) along with the holistic approach.
What Are The Target Markets Of Medical Tourism India?
Medical Tourism India caters to a large target market, including many clients from other Indian nations as well as those coming from the CIS countries, Africa, Middle east , Bangladesh , Pakistan, Afghanistan , Sudan , Tran , Iraq and most recently, Europe and & NRI’s.
What Medical Support NTP Healthcare For India Clients ?
NTP Healthcare is an online platform & have tied up with the licensed Third Parties for the discounts and delivery of Healthcare Services like Medicines (on prescription only), Lab Test, Health packages,, OPD, telemedicine, Insurance, medical concierge, vaccination etc.
Do I need to pay anything to get NTP Healthcare services ?
You do not need to pay for these Benefits. NTP healthcare services are totally free for its users.
What Medical Insurance Service do you provide ?
NTP Healthcare have tied up with the Insurance Agent companies for the delivery of Medical & healthcare Support . Various companies have different insurance facilitation plans . Please refer FAQ of our Insurance Page
What is the benefit of Getting Health Package or Lab test from you ?
NTP Healthcare give convenience to access authentic information about labs be it Pricing, Lab Timings, Address of the lab, Distance from your home. Moreover, you can schedule Home Sample Collection without having call to the labs. NTP Healthcare is also provide great Discount to the patient who book Tests at the labs through its platform.
What is the Healthcare Service for the Corporate, Apartments & Associations clients ?
A healthy workforce is the strength of a company. With the fast pace environment and high levels of stress or strain in a corporate workplace, individual health needs to be regularly monitored. A corporate health check-up is highly necessary. Silent diseases may breed upon individuals even though they may seem fit, causing harm to their health which in turn passively decrease the workplace productivity. Our Dedicated website is targeting the healthcare service agenda for the group/ cluster centric focus of clients.
NTP Healthcare, being a one stop health hub, provides state-of-art services including Pathology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiology. The corporate packages at NTP Healthcare are specifically designed to screen important health factors.

Corporate, Apartments & Association Health Check Ups is the key to success for an organization. Being beneficial to both the employee and organization, it holds many advantages such as:

Early detection of a disease

Prevention of a certain disease

Helps in keeping employees aware of any disease which may be decreasing their productivity
What is the Tax Deduction benefit for the Indian Clients
Claim Tax Rebate: Section 80D of the Income Tax Act can allow a deduction for a preventive health check-up for a maximum of Rs 5,000 per annum. It provisions that the payment for preventive health check-up can be made in cash as well. The amount of Rs 5,000 comes under the overall deduction available to individuals as per section 80D. Read More on the Government of India Website by clicking here

Why NTP Healthcare is offering discounts

NTP Healthcare has been able to offer discount because of the following reasons:

1: NTP Healthcare enables the lab / OPD, Equipment, Insurance, etc. to market their services and present all the information in a coherent way, thus reducing their own marketing expenditure. This saving is passed onto NTP Healthcare is customers.

2: NTP Healthcare is able to provide a large number of the patient to the labs thus help in reducing cost and negotiate a better price on behalf of patients.

3: In some section, there is malpractices of commission which led to increasing in cost. Labs share the commission for NTP Healthcare’s patients and this is passed onto patients in the form of a discount.

2021 NTP Healthcare & Medical Services - All rights reserved. In compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, we don't process requests for Schedule X, H1 Medicines, Antibiotics, Psychotropic Substances and other habit-forming drugs.

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