NTP Healthcare looking for Business Partner at Global Locations

NTP Healthcare looking for Business Partner at Global Locations

NTP Healthcare a Medical Tourism unit of NTP Tourism Affairs Limited is looking for the joint venture partner. He/ She will have the financing and will often have the right expertise, both of which will be needed to make your company successful, state-of-the-art business. And they will have the financing available to create a marketing plan which, along with your knowledge of the local market, will create an effective marketing strategy.

We are open to the strategic alliance, joint venture or any other way of partnership from scratch, through the creation of a new joint business, and through membership in the operating business, becoming co-founders of operating business.

The initiator, during the selection (analysis) of business with the aim of entering into the joint partnership, joint ownership should base on such key aspects of the procedure:

1) Studying of the current market of Ukraine; identifying the most attractive market analysis to create business activity & Evaluation of conjuncture of the market.

2) Organization and conduction of negotiations & convincing the clients like direct patients, doctors, medical tourism agents and similar

3) Ensure all the legitimacy for the clients that Line of treatment and welfare back home.

4) Verification of business and financial support to the patient

5) Conduction of Due Diligence like Visa and other arrangements for the Patient and the attendant.

6) Act as a local representative for the Company in your country and we in vice versa in India

7) Closing of the transaction & Sales support after the patient return

8) Trying to add other value added products to the file like Concierge support, Medical assistances and extended Holiday in India and in vicinity areas

We wish You to become Successful co-owners of business!

For Business Enquiries - email us on info@ntphealthcare.com or visit us www.ntphealthcare.com or www.ntpgroups.com or WhatsApp 00919810098099 or connect on linkdin

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