Medical Support - NTP healthcare

Medical Support - NTP healthcare

Track all your core business while NTP Healthcare manages the day-to-day processes of your Occupational health locations


We track and keep online tech enabled record


We record all from attendance to medical,  everything is managed through technology to ensure no mishaps and clear sharing


Medical Physician and Healthcare availabilities


NTP Healthcare plan and facilitate the doctors and trained medical staff as an when required.


We even help in providing ICU set up and other medical support at Home.


Monthly MIS and documentation


Appropriate documentation to ensure the attendance, consumables and consultations is done along with monthly reporting and exchanges with the HR Team.


Management of Medical records


All medical records of individuals will be digitized and available on the NTP Healthcare record section for future use and reference.


Add on Services


NTP Healthcare planned all the products and services to ensure that all the healthcare needs of your employees are worked out.


Dental and Vision services


With All India coverage, you can subsidize or provide access to vision and dental services for your employees.




Be it flu, typhoid, COVID 19 (as per the government guidelines) or any other vaccinations, NTP Healthcare can get your employees vaccinated either at home or via on-site camps with all pre planned workouts.


Health Instructor


Support employees manage their chronic health settings like hypertension, diabetes, weight management and more through customized schedule


Indulgence activities


Be it aerobics, zumba or online yoga, NTP Healthcare can help you organize and manage indulgence activities for your team mates.


Health risk Judgement


Our Health Risk plans has  one of the Best in industry completion plans and is a simple and effective way to collect basic health information of the team mates.


Finance of Healthcare


Facilitate easy financing options with easy EMIs for the various healthcare transactions like fertility treatment and out-patient surgeries and maintenance.

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