Keep up with the latest advances in the Woman Health

Keep up with the latest advances in the Woman Health

Maybe You Aware of these Important Advances in Women’s Health?


Calcium supplements may make some women as much as 7 times more likely to develop dementia.


The diabetes symptoms — and complications — that are more common in women than men.


Your mammogram could reveal early signs of heart disease — what to ask your doctor to find out


The new treatment for depression that reduces symptoms by at least 50% and requires no medication.


You can rejuvenate your skin and look as young as you feel — no surgery needed!


The foods that turn your body into a “probiotic factory” filling you up with inflammation-fighting good bacteria.


Don’t settle for health information intended for men. Get specific health information for you as a woman from the experts at NTP Healthcare Women’s Health.


Processed foods and saturated fats actually change your body chemistry and cause disease.


The single best regimen for maintaining bone strength.


The best, fastest way to strengthen muscles and avoid falls.


New insights into how stress affects women’s hearts — and how to relieve it.


What it means for your health if you feel younger than your age.


How too much sugar may lead to anxiety symptoms.


Why belly fat may be more dangerous for women than men.


Every month, NTP Women’s Health Watch puts you in touch with everything that’s happening right now in women’s health and medicine. You’ll find new prevention strategies to safeguard your health... new diagnostic techniques ... the latest medications and treatments that can help you live better.


From heart disease in women — with unique symptoms that are still overlooked — to breast cancer, diabetes, food and nutrition, skin care, urinary incontinence, exercise and strength training, to natural ways to relieve stress and the best ways to improve memory — NTP  Women’s Health brings you health answers unique to women.


No wonder it is hailed as the number one source for unbiased, well-researched accurate women’s health information from the most-respected medical school in the world.


Every issue is filled with health advances you as a woman deserve to know, including:


Belly fat could nearly triple your risk for Alzheimer’s disease!


Lower your risk of Ovarian cancer up to 62% with a little extra olive oil


Exercise actually behaves like medicine to improve thinking skills and brain health.


The most frightening fact about osteoporosis medications — has nothing to do with side effects.


Two signs when a change in heart rate can signify a problem


NTP  Women’s Health is the perfect newsletter for women like you who want the most accurate, easy-to-understand health information available for women today.


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