ICU Care At Home

ICU Care At Home

Taking care when you need it the most) There is no better place than your own home for your recovery, as it gives all the comfort that you need. Studies say that significant health issues, which require long-term stay in the hospital, can lead to depression. The stress of being out of one’s comfort zone can sometimes lead to a rapid fall in the patient’s condition. In addition to this, the families of the patients tend to feel helpless since they are completely dependent on external care. Treatment at a hospital can result in high medical costs and the nature of treatment Isolates patients from their families for want of supportive high tech ICU care, guided by the doctor at home.


Luckily, due to recent medical and technological advancements it is now possible for patients to get these same facilities at home rather than in a hospital intensive care unit.


NTP Healthcare brings ICU care at home facility for the Patients who require intensive care and are comparatively in their sub-acute or chronic state of illness.


Why ICU at Home?


Because it is the best way to keep your loved ones right in front of your eyes in their home environment for their speedy recovery and the huge hospital bills could be replaced by a cost-effective way of Home ICU.


The major problem with the patients in Hospital ICU is patient’s depression and also high dependability on the external care giver along with the high risk of ICU induced infections,ICU at home service of NTP HEALTHCARE not only provides skilled nurse, complete ICU setup and expert intensivist visit but also has a facility for on call physiotherapists and online doctor consultation.


Why Choose NTP Healthcare?


> Certified Skilled & Experienced ICU Nurse & ICU Doctor


> Best Quality ICU Devices.


> Cost Effective/ Pocket Friendly.


> Regular Updates To Primary Physician


> Continuous Monitoring


> Lower Risk Of Infection.


What would you do


To ensure care continuum post discharge from hospital?


To help you recover faster at the comfort of your home with your loved ones?


At NTP Healthcare, we have a holistic approach to all our patient needs by providing consultation with intensivists at home, 24 - hours nursing services (ICU experienced), physiotherapy, regular monitoring, medical equipment, lab tests and medicine delivery. We also take care of infrastructural needs in terms of ICU setup, equipment installation, fumigation, consumables, and peripherals delivery.


How it works




Book an online appointment; Request a call back on website; Simply or whats app 00919810098099




Our executive gets schedules an appointment for clinical & home site assessment.




Our clinician visits your home for an assessment & other pre-requisites for ICU set up .




Based on the care areas and care delivery plan, services are initiated.




** Clinical monitoring by Intensivist & equipment maintenance by Bio medical Engineer.


** Benefits of choosing ICU Care at Home from NTP Healthcare


** Experienced ICU Nurses: Basic Life Support certified.


** Physician Driven care: Executed and monitored by in-house intensivist.


** Evidence-based best practices: Clinical outcome-based care compliant to global standards.


** Cost-effective treatment: Customized packages which bring down the cost by one-third.


** Best in class equipment: Installed by Bio medical Engineers.




Q: How can I find ICU care at home near me?


A: You can choose from multiple options to find ICU care at home - book online by filling our website query form, request a call back on our website or simply dial 9810098099


Q: What is the structure of the ICU care team?


A: It is a multidisciplinary team consisting of qualified and ICU experienced Nurse, Intensivist, Respiratory Therapist, Physiotherapist and Trained Attendant. Additionally, there are routine visits by Nursing Supervisor and Bio-medical Engineer.


Q: What is the minimum duration I need to book ICU care at home service for?


A: Our minimum package duration for availing ICU Care services is 1week.


Q: What is the cost of ICU care at home ?


A: Our charges for ICU care at home varies based on several factors including clinical condition of the patient, equipment required, duration of the service, location & other details. However our estimated charges are INR 9000-15000 per day inclusive of taxes.


Q: Can I pay online for your services?


A: We have hassle-free secure online payment gateway for your convenience.


Q: Which equipment are used in setting ICU care at home?


A: Our ICU Care set up includes Ventilator, Multipara monitor, CPAP, BiPAP, Oxygen concentrator, Suction machine, Infusion pump, Nebuliser, DVT pump, ICU bed ,Air mattress and others. However, the final set up depends on the clinical requirement of the patient.


Q: What are the different equipment brands used for ICU Care at home?


A: We use best-in-class equipment from trusted brands like Phillips, Resmed, Breas, Mindray, ArjoHuntleigh, Fisher & Paykel etc.


Q: How many days before discharge should I approach NTP Healthcare team for booking ICU care at home ?


A: It is advisable to connect with us 48 hours prior to discharge as this helps us in conducting detailed clinical assessment, home site assessment , fumigation of patient’s room, equipment setup, transfer plan and other pre-requisites that are conducted before setting up ICU at home.

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