Health Tourism, Medical and Wellness - NTP Healthcare

Health Tourism, Medical and Wellness - NTP Healthcare

The two spectrums of health tourism, medical, and wellness are showing nourishing growth and massaging the lifestyle demands of today’s travelers.


> Spas and thermal mineral springs were highlighted as the most popular treatments.


India Health / medical tourism trends- Mental and dental treatments are at the top. The New trend,  however, being more tech-savvy, view medical tourism in a new light preferring telemedicine rather than doctors' surgeries. Their treatments are usually due to incidental medical travel. Millennium's view wellness in the form of meditation and personalized nutrition while fashion has joined the wellness movement using fabrics and styles that allow more freedom.


The key current trends focus on mental wellness encompassing meditation and arts & creativity programming. They also include insomnia which is ruffling pillows to create sleep mania solutions, CBD (Cannabis based therapy) is making the industry light-headed and ways to make us happy are a subject for conversation.


Countries and cities are competing to become the key health tourism destination. India’s Health Tourism  is now advancing and taking shape to meet its objective as a Favourite Health Care Destination & Wellness Hub. Ninety percent of India’s hospitals have international accreditations and affiliations. This destination has a specialist holistic wellness resorts. Through its accredited facilities it is offering futuristic signature treatments like Cryotherapy and Vitamin Revitalization. For the international market, its focus is on orthopedics, dentistry, and dermatology amongst many other medical conditions. And to make bookings and research easier, helps visitors to make their bookings on one smart, smooth, seamless platform.


India is working on emerging opportunities such as the meditation industry as anxiety and depression rates reach epic proportions worldwide. Meditation is now the fastest-growing wellness trend in the US & Europe along with other eastern countries and elsewhere, with an explosion of meditation studios, apps, and brands. Wellness for aging and anti-aging is growing with countries like Italy, Japan, and the US searching for solutions for aging population and senior’s revitalization.


The increase in medical and wellness tourism indicates that well-being is no longer a health measure but a life measure. It is drawing together partners in tourism and specialist medical-wellness providers to deliver more spa & wellness therapies and wellness holidays. Traditional and state of the art treatments are joining forces to bring health tourism as a lifestyle habit.

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