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Fitness Support - NTP Healthcare

When we ask people what their top goal is, the most popular answer is to Loose weight  This isn’t a surprise. Losing weight is the number one new year resolution nationwide. Unfortunately, research from the Journal of Clinical Psychology has shown that only eight percent of those who make a resolution actually fulfill it.


Why Employers Should Care (and Help!)


While this may seem like a personal goal, employers have a definite stake as well. According to the CDC, obesity is directly related to higher levels of absenteeism from work. To help you decease this absenteeism and increase productivity in your organization, we’ve provided five tips on ways to support your employees’ journey to a healthier weight.


Lose Weight


1. Overhaul break room food and vending machines.


The easiest way to lose weight is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. But even the best-intentioned eating plans can be derailed by a platter of muffins and donuts in the break room. Showcase your company’s commitment to healthy eating by tossing out the junk food and replacing it with healthy snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, low fat yogurt and veggies.


See an employee revolt in your future? If replacing is not an option, at least make sure healthy options are available and placed front and center for employees to see first.


2. Encourage managers to make their weekly 1:1 a walking meeting.


Ask your employees why they don’t exercise and they’ll likely tell you that they just don’t have the time. The easiest way to change this is to incorporate small amounts of movement into your employees’ daily routine. Start by encouraging managers to take walking meeting for weekly 1:1’s or other meetings throughout the day when convenient. Every step adds up.


3. Make your building stairs accessible.


For many larger companies, staircases are often used only for fire drills. If possible, turn your staircases into a fun challenge and encourage employees to take the stairs over the elevator. You can even offer incentives or awards for those who climb the most steps during a month.


4. Provide subsidized fitness classes.


During the winter, it’s especially hard to encourage employees to get outside for a run or walk. That’s where classes come in. Group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga, or cycling offer a challenging workout that is fun, social and indoors. To motivate employees to sign up, consider organizing on-site workouts or discounts to local classes.


5. Offer a support group.


Sticking to a goal can be tough, especially during moments of low motivation. Coaching and peer support can help. Advertise a weight loss group for your employees where they can meet other colleagues with similar goals. If budget allows, you can also provide professional coaching to help employees.

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