E-pharmacy Emerging Healthcare

E-pharmacy Emerging Healthcare

Buying medicines online is a common practice across the globe these days. This is because buyers prefer to order for medicines through a click of a button rather than taking a trip to a drug store. Such online websites sell everything from prescription drugs to health related products. Most of such stores are legal outlets that safeguard all traditional procedures related to drug prescription. That is why most buyers are confident about dealing with these stores. But these are quite a few rogue stores that have come up in the recent past over the internet. These stores deal with illegal medications and unapproved drugs. Buyers must be aware of such rogue stores.


On this note, here’s listing down a few advantages and disadvantages of online drug stores.




  • Lower prices: Savings of 90% aren’t uncommon when shopping for medicine online. Lower drug prices, lower generic drug prices, lower overhead costs and lower price markups by discount pharmacies often result in savings compared to local pharmacy prices. You can quickly shop around for the lowest prices online.


  • You may feel more comfortable purchasing your medication online, or simply want to speak to someone about prescriptions and your health online or over the phone rather than in person. However, to prevent the use of your personal information for unauthorized purposes.


  • If you find it physically difficult to make it to the pharmacy, lives in a remote rural area, or have a busy schedule, online and mail-order pharmacies enable you to avoid travel and can save you time. Many online pharmacies will also remind you when you can order a refill to help you maintain your regimen.


  • Medical information: Some online pharmacies provide useful information about medications and diseases as well as links to medical resources such as universities, government agencies, and health associations.


e-Pharmacy Services


30% of the average Indian's healthcare spend is on medicines. Help employees save money from the comfort of their homes and now with COVID 19 various immunity booster medicines are added to the list 


All India service


We have partnered for our partner servicing 20,000+ pincodes, medicine orders will be delivered all India locations within 36-48 hours


Reimbursements through NTP Healthcare Wallets


All the orders are cashless if the prescriptions are submitted and linked with NTP HEALTHCARE  health wallet


Reminders and Delivery


Our healthcare team product identifies when your employees are due for a prescription refill and gives them a gentle reminder as well in order to ensure the consent before the dispatch .

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