COVID-19 Vaccination Package Plan

COVID-19 Vaccination Package Plan

Workplaces COVID-19 Vaccination Package Plan


The world is hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and brought the business to a standstill all across the corporate locations.. No industry and no country was left unmarked, and it has become a worldwide health challenge like no other in our memories (hereafter all have started reading Pandemics like Spanish flue etc.)


Anyways, with vaccines are now gradually available for the local public and a sense of optimism coming back to the workforce, the route to gain back seems to be on everyone's thinking process.


India has administered nearly 140 million doses to its frontline workers and those aged above 45 years. About 118 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is only about a tenth of the 1.35 billion population Most important India hit the 1,00,000 daily caseload mark recently, it has now become imperative to start focusing on vaccinating as many people as possible, so that we may yet reduce the risk of infection from growing any further. India's vaccination drive plans to cover 300 million people by July end, and one of the best ways to achieve that target is by beginning vaccinations at the workplace. So why so many foreign vaccines and Indian companies are encouraged for the production.


But the process might hit and cause delays due to surging COVID across the Indian Locations.


Suggestions for Vaccinations at the Workplace:


Based upon the Guidance of the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC), vaccination drives have been expanded to cover the general population aged 45+ years from 1st April 2021 onwards.


The drive for the vaccination may be organized at workplaces having about 100 willing and eligible beneficiaries to optimize utilization of the vaccine dosage and reduce chances of wastage. Organizing vaccination at the workplace will be convenient to staff and reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus by helping employees avoid unnecessary travel to and from vaccination centers. This will help them avoid unnecessary travel.


Approval of the Eligible Workplaces:


The District Task Force (DTF) and the Urban Task Force (UTF), chaired by the District Magistrate and the Municipal Commissioner respectively, will identify eligible government and private workplaces based on certain criteria.


With the corporate one of the senior staff from the selected workplaces will be designated as the "Nodal Officer" to coordinate with district health authorities and private COVID Vaccination Centres (CVCs) to support the vaccination drive competition program.


The Nodal Officer will oversee and facilitate all aspects of the vaccination at the workplace CVC like registration of beneficiaries, availability of physical and IT infrastructure etc.


Identification of Eligible and Willing Beneficiaries:


Employees aged 45years and above are eligible, and this does not include any family members or outsiders not affiliated with the organization conducting the vaccination drive.


All beneficiaries are required to be registered on the Co-Win portal prior to vaccination. The CVC Nodal Officer will ensure the registration of all targeted beneficiaries and will also, facilitate on-the-spot registration to eligible employees. The Process will help in smoothening the drive and save time.


NTP Healthcare Drives Corporate Vaccinations:


Keeping in view the importance of keeping India’s workforce healthy and stress-free, NTP healthcare initiated a vaccination drive for employees and their dependents of clients on 8th March 2021. From that time onwards, many employees across over 50 client companies have already registered to receive the vaccination. Now with the government’s announcement, NTP Healthcare is very well-prepared to help with the new vaccination drive be a success as well in coordination with the Hospital and Healthcare team


Gateway to Vaccination:


As we are geared with this knowledge, HR managers and company Heads of India have the golden opportunity to ease their workforce's health-related concerns and provide a workplace to the COVID-19 threat at work.


· Drive of Vaccinations at the workplace will help us reduce stress, but also improve the morale of all the eligible employees of the organization as it shows that the management truly support the welfare and health of its employees. The time is ripe to fight COVID-19 and leave it where it deserves to be, in history. Let's gear up for a vaccination drive, and keep India Corporate & Progressive front healthy and triumphant.


Workplaces Query COVID-19 Vaccination


  • Eligibility for employ age 18 years or more 
  • Support available for onsite vaccination camp 
  • Minimum strength of 100 eligible and willing employees needed
  • No outsiders including family members will be vaccinated at CVC (Covid Vaccination Centres) at the workplace i.e., only eligible employees
  • Vaccine cost to be decided by manufacturers
  • Services shall be supported by us
  • Post vaccine 30 minutes Observation Place should be available


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