Corporate Health Checkup Packages

Corporate Health Checkup Packages

A business flourishes only when it has a hale & hearty workforce crutching it on all pillars. When the workforce is as fit as a fiddle, productivity behind the desk increases many folds. Today, organizations and corporate firms are emphasizing their employee's health. Corporate Health Checkup packages are a mandate with every company, be it small or big. In the existing fast-paced corporate world, employees go through rigorous work routines like catching up with the deadline, sitting at their workstations for long hours, grubbing junk food, sleeplessness, and remaining under the stress of work pressure most of the time. This kind of routine takes a toll on the health of individuals.

With this unhealthy regime, one invites different ailments to reside in the body. Health-related issues like heart ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers remain asymptomatic in their initial stages and do not exhibit pronounced symptoms. Due to this, diseases lay suppressed and go unnoticed for a long duration until they reach late stages where diagnosis and treatment become expensive.

Corporate Medical Checkups - A Wise Investment

Companies understand the importance of executive wellness for their employees. Today, every company invests in Corporate Health and Wellness Packages for its employees. Only an active workforce can easily upsurge the graph of success of a company.

Regular health screening is the key to good employee health management.

NTP Healthcare offers tailored corporate medical checkups for professionals. The employee wellness program packages are designed specifically to suit executive's healthcare needs, considering the industrial and occupational hazards.

All tests in the corporate health checkup packages provide crystal clear insights related to an employee’s health. In case of ailments detected, whether major or minor, the apt treatment for the same is advised by medical experts. 

Health Checkups - A Great Tax Saving Tool!

Apart from saving life, money and mental/physical ordeal, health checkups also aid in saving tax!

A taxpayer can get a tax benefit of up to Rs. 5000 under section 80D (IT Act) on a preventive health checkup.

Corporate health checkups are a great tool to protect employee wellness and in turn, earn wellness and happiness for him and his entire family.

Kicking in the workforce means efficiency and hence, corporate wellness programs have become an inseparable part of the corporate culture. Employees get their health examinations done by medical professionals. During the consultation, the physician guides an individual on the overall status and true picture of the health based on the physical examination.

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