Concierge Services – NTP Healthcare

Concierge Services – NTP Healthcare

To raise the standard of care in medical tourism concierge services are becoming increasingly available in many medical tourism destinations. A hired concierge will assist clients with various activities including the arrangement of transportation restaurant reservations appointment for spa services procurement of tickets to various events and recommendations and travel arrangements for tours to local attractions.


To stay in business and be incompetence within a global market medical tourism destinations sought to offer concierge services that focus on the quality of care and enhancement of client relationships.


Concierge Service  Analyses


There are three entities identified as key areas for the development of concierge services. They are physicians' hospitals and programs for patients' families and friends.



Concierge medicine or concierge healthcare emphasizes the accessibility and immediate attention that a physician. To enhance the quality of care in medical tourism concierge services are becoming increasingly available in much medical tourism destinations.


may provide to patients. A physician needs to be 24-hour accessible by phone email text message or pager. Physicians are encouraged to offer free check-up provide preventive care and electronic medical records coordinate with fitness and nutrition providers recommend personalized wellness programs to clients and attend specialist appointments with patients (Key elements identified by examining the role of physicians in concierge services are:



Exclusive services

Integrate treatment with caring programs




Hospitals to stand out from the crowd are adding amenities and special services for clients to improve their services. The stand is out amenities are in. Besides providing Wi-Fi connections and hanging arts on the walls the Century City Doctors Hospital in India extols its menu created by dieticians and puts flat-screen TVs in all rooms.


‍Offering concierge services for everyone including visitors patients families and friends employees' medical staff.


‍Outsourcing concierge services for efficiency and patient satisfaction. Busy doctors nurses or patients' families may not consider the hospital a logical place to take their dry cleaning.


But some of the nation’s top outsourcing companies are banking on dry cleanings and other concierge services such as car washing and oil changes to keep hospital employees happy in an increasingly competitive working environment.


Program for Family and Friends


A common theme among concierge services is the special treatment and services associated with simplifying life and providing exclusiveness to treatment. However often one the important element was missed among these services: programs designed for families and/or individuals who are companions of the patients.


NTP Healthcare often thought of as ancillary to services that are provided. They are most important because the patient is concerned about their loved ones and how they are treated. There is evidence that when these services are provided it helps with patient recovery.


‍Reviewing the existing literature in the health industry we found eight common facilities that were associated with somewhat services provided for family and friends.


Facilitate rooms inside hospital or hotel rooms no concierge service provided hospital controlled.


Facilitate rooms in a hospital or hotel rooms concierge service provided hospital controlled.


The key factors in these types of facilities are whether or not concierge services are provided and where they are controlled and promoted. Many of these services are the same as the concierge provided by doctors and hospitals to their clients or employees. But those services are perfunctory and only designed to make the individual more comfortable.


The missing element in most of them is personalized services. Travel agents or a ground operator can usually provide such individualization of services. It is they who usually bring services together that meet and take care of the individual needs of patients and their visitors.


It is the coordination of those amenities and personalization of them by travel agents or ground operators that made the greatest impact on client satisfaction.


Recommendation for the Development of Concierge Services


Top-notch Physiciansb - The client is seeking the best physician to provide the quality of treatment. Physicians affiliated with universities or research hospitals are on the cutting edge of medicine. Their research reputations may help individuals to make a proper decision.


A prospective client may visit the website to read peer packages posted for every NRI staying abroad for there families in India but this is only available for the medical Support services in India.. Most practitioners are certified by a country’s medical board and we support all the Healthcare services associated with the client.


‍Reputable Hospitals - There are two major components for a successful hospital: one is the reputation and the other is the certification that its professionals profess to provide the best services. Joint Commission International (JCI) is an international hospital certification board (


In addition to JCI the other website: also provides reviews of hospitals. One critical element for reviewing a hospital is how its staff provides quality services. JCI established standards directly related to quality and ensures they are based upon their criteria.


Concierge Programs for Recovery -  Proper recovery is essential for healing. There are three key elements for one's recovery: the quality of rehabilitation the environment and families and friends. Concierge for families and friends is the least explored element in medical tourism because it involves mixing and matching of services that make the primary difference i.e., combining Health with the Holistic Approach.


A great deal of research has been done on how to enhance the quality of rehabilitation. Standard procedures in operation have been established based upon criteria created by professional organizations and their recommendations. Research on the recovery environment is well underway in terms of designing and functioning.


But many of the recovery environments are institutional in nature. One of the benefits of medical tourism is to offer a client a relaxed setting within a pleasant environment. In this kind of environment, recovery is enhanced with family and friends.


This adds another dimension to the healing process. The last two elements discussed above hold potential especially related to positive attitudes toward healing processes.


Post Recovery/Education - Post recovery is designed as a prevention phase. This is the educational process provided to the patient and the family and friends to help the individual plan their future and change their lifestyle in order to prevent further problems.


Most times the educational process is provided but there is very little follow-up to ensure or continue the process to help the individual realize their goals. This type of follow-up allows building relationships with clients and often makes a difference in retaining clients for future services.


‍Managing Cost Often there’s a controversy about benefits and costs when planning to add a new program. The assumption is often made that concierge services cannot be provided because of a high cost. This is not true even though it is very difficult to achieve without certain expenses.


Research is needed to determine which services will provide what type of benefits. Without this information, money is sometimes wasted on services that have no direct or indirect benefits to achieving outcomes.


Our medical concierge service offers care that is sensitive to your needs at what may be a difficult time. Throughout your time with NTP Healthcare you responsibility in India will be supported by a companion who will assist from the initial point of contact, during treatment and follow-up & during & post-treatment follow-up, medical claims, medicines, etc.


Servicing patients in India from Afghanistan, USA, Fiji, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France, Australia, Yemen, Africa, Iran, Baghdad, United Arab Emirates & many more, our multilingual doctors and medical teams, alongside interpreters when required, are able to care for you in a culturally sensitive and personalized manner. Further to this, they provide assistance with coordinating accommodation, treatment, and other required medical appointments.


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