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Legal Disclaimer


Disclaimer policy of NTP Healthcare & Medical Services

NTP Healthcare & Medical Services Pvt. Ltd. does not control or operate any Healthcare institution, neither does it operate or control any facility or service provided by the healthcare Institution mentioned in the Package.

 “We don't claim to be the hospitals, Diagnostics, Insurance company or Pharmacy"

 We would like to state explicitly that NTP Healthcare & Medical Services is a Health Care Facilitator, and, by no means, it should be perceived as Hospital, Diagnostics, Insurance company or Pharmacy or Healthcare Provider. NTP Healthcare and Medical Services is coordinated and supported by NTP Healthcare & Medical Services. Its mere existence is to serve the purpose of facilitating the patients from outside India and within India as Corporates, Elders, Associations, groups to have quality treatment in India. It guides the patients with the information on the best hospital in India and the right doctors to treat them as per their medical needs and thereby helping them make an informed decision. The information imparted to the patients is true to the best of the knowledge and belief of its employees.

 NTP Healthcare & Medical Services chooses all the components in the Package with prudence and has no control whatsoever in running the treating healthcare Institution and therefore, NTP Healthcare & Medical Services cannot be held liable for any default, failure, delay, improper services / deficiency in services provided by the treating healthcare Institution and/or for any injury, sickness, accident, discomfort, death, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever which may emerge due to any act of negligence, deficiency or default in services of the management or employees of the treating healthcare Institution.

 NTP Healthcare & Medical Services Work in coordination with its Global associates as Alliance Representative in the Region to coordinate and perform better for the necessary services exchanged with the clients. 

 All payments are made directly to the hospital, diagnostics, pharmacy, fitness company and others upfront, by the patient and we work as a Healthcare Facilitator and coordinator to the Patient and the service provider.

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