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NTP Healthcare & Medical Services is enriched with the experience of NTP Directors and Team with the surviving credentials of more than three decades. NTP Healthcare & Medical Services is a one-stop destination for all those who are seeking quality medical treatment in India at the most affordable cost for International Patients and Domestic Corporates, Groups, Clubs, Associations, RWA, and similar. We are based in India where you intend to have your medical treatment, making it all the more advantageous for you since we are in a position to help you the most. Our Services and Treatments are interlinked with our website to showcase our treatment and service testimonials. We are blessed and have a worthy reputation as one of the leading medical tourism service providers in India.

We, at NTP Healthcare & Medical Services, believe that by now you understand that medical treatment in India & Associate choice of location a country is a viable option for you to overcome the obstacles of exorbitant cost of healthcare in other countries without compromising on the quality of healthcare.

We are the most trusted medical treatment assistance organization in India caters to the healthcare needs of international and domestic patients. We help you find the best hospital, best doctor, Authentic Diagnostic and Pharmacy that will provide you with the best quality treatment at an unmatched cost. We shall get you an opinion on the best treatment plan for you with a treatment cost estimate from the leading hospitals in India at absolutely no cost to you. It is a quick, easy, and has no obligation opinion. We can help you save a lot of your precious time and effort considering the fact that we are catering to the needs of the patient.

We understand the anxiety associated when someone from the family and friends is sick and we try our best possible to alleviate your concerns. We have a growing base of satisfied customers all over the world.  We are affiliated with world-class hospitals in India and are continually expanding our network of hospitals and healthcare centers with Diagnostics, Rehabilitation, Wellness, insurance companies, Clinics, Pharma support, Fitness Groups to give you a wide choice in making a well-informed decision.

 Our experience in the healthcare industry makes us well versed with the the environment at the hospitals and the challenges faced by the foreign patients and Domestic Patients their expectations from the hospitals & other Medical Service Providers. We focus on the key areas of concern and attend to them proactively to ensure the provision of immaculate services to you, our valued customer.

People are seeking medical treatment with our support due to one or more of the following reasons:

·       Exorbitant treatment cost in their home country.

·       Lack of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

·       Long Waiting period.

·       No medical Insurance.

·       Medical insurance with limited coverage due to Pre-existing medical conditions.

·       No insurance coverage for elective dental and cosmetic procedures.

·       Unavailability of the most advanced and internationally accepted diagnostic methods and treatment protocols.

Now With Covid 19 Healthcare Services is changed and now New range of the services are added my the Insurance companies- please refer your coverage again.

Our Range of Services for our Domestic Clients & Corporates with Health card

-        Medical Insurance with TPA Claim Support

-        Doctor on call 24 x7

-        Dental and Eye Care Support Packages

-        Medical Equipment’s & ICU Set up at home

-        Medicine Delivery at Home on prescription

-        Regular Healthcare & Diagnostic Services

-        Fitness Packages Digital and Physical

-        OPD and Hospitalization with medical treatment

If you are one of these people who desire treatment in India, then NTP Healthcare & Medical Services is certainly the right place for you.

Our mission

In the current scenario, the viability of treatment in India is increasing due to the availability of world-class hospitals in India that provide quality treatment at a small fraction of the cost that you will otherwise incur in your home country. Internet is flooded with all sorts of healthcare information posing a dilemma for you, of how to choose the right place and right doctor for your medical needs. In addition to the above, to add to your dilemma is the fact that there is a time zone difference between your country and India. Various other doubts that come into play are how am I going to contact them, how would I send the reports, how will I compare the credentials of the healthcare providers, treatment options and cost estimate altogether, how am I going to follow up with them, which facility would be good for me in a particular city in India, how will the hospital be since I have not personally visited each facility and it is not feasible also and so on. So, the process now seems to be cumbersome. Now, here NTP Healthcare & Medical Services comes into the picture to present the solution to all your worries.

We are here to assist you in your endeavor to find the right Diagnostics, Hospital, and right doctor to cater to your needs. We wish to be your first and only choice when you think about treatment in India. Your trust in us, satisfaction, and recommendation is our mission. We want to set a benchmark for others in providing you with immaculate services and ensure the best treatment at the lowest cost.

Our Vision

NTP Healthcare & Medical Services has a the vision of providing a platform where people from varied countries & Domestic clients can plan and access quality treatment at the most affordable cost from world-class hospitals in India. They have a safe and memorable experience and are extremely satisfied. NTP Healthcare & Medical Services is a young medical treatment assistance organization where the passion to serve people meets the hard work and dedication, bringing out the best results surpassing your expectations. We intend to create a strong foothold in the medical tourism industry and an ever-increasing base of satisfied customers.

How do we intend to achieve our Mission?

NTP Healthcare & Medical Services facilitates contact and coordination with our affiliated world-class Healthcare Providers like Diagnostics, medical assistance, hospitals, and specialists and presents their credentials to prospective patients. We also provide information to the patients about the various medical procedures and treatment packages available. The information we provide is often utilized by our customers to make their own decisions. NTP Healthcare & Medical Services is a facilitation company, not a medical advisory organization. Invariably, it is suggested that the patient seeks the advice of a qualified healthcare provider regarding his/her medical condition and the need to undertake medical treatment based on the healthcare provider’s recommendation.

We are here to ensure a smooth medical and memorable pleasant experience for our International customers and ease claims and settlements with our Domestic patients.

We work with some of the best world-class hospitals in India. A patient-centric approach and personalized attention are our key attributes. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the best services to our customers.

NTP Healthcare & Medical Services has been created to execute a well-organized facilitation process into delivering immaculate and comprehensive services to our valued customers. Our goal is to fill the void that you have been facing in the healthcare system in your home country due to reasons. NTP Healthcare & Medical Services ensures transparency in all dealings with the customers and promise to make your trip a memorable one. We will provide access to quality health care at the most economical price for you in India.

Congratulations! You have already taken your first step by approaching us. Our team at NTP Healthcare & Medical Services will support you in every way in your endeavor to get world-class treatment and the follow-up support after the treatment.

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